Scout Software Developers Kit

Below is the Scout Software Developers Kit information as it originally appeared on the LEGO website until the product’s support was discontinued.

The LEGO® MINDSTORMS™ Scout Software Developers Kit is a set of documentation and software tools for programming the Scout from a Windows PC. This tool is released strictly for non-commercial use. It is geared towards people with programming experience.

The SDK will let users create programs in LEGO Assembler for the Scout, a low-level language developed specifically for the Scout hardware and firmware.

Our goal in releasing the Scout SDK is to continue to stimulate experimentation and invention within the LEGO MINDSTORMS community. We also are looking for feedback on the commands and capabilities of the Scout’s firmware. We will use this feedback to finalize the design for the next update of the RCX’s firmware.

The Scout SDK is contained in two files available for downloading: contains documentation on how to program the Scout in LEGO Assembler. This document is formatted as a PDF file. contains a number of files, listed below, which can be used for programming the Scout from a Windows PC.

ScoutTool.exe An interactive Microsoft Windows application for programming and monitoring various aspects of the Scout. Great for experimentation.
ScoutTool.pdf An online help document explaining how the ScoutTool.exe application works.
ScoutDOS.exe A Microsoft DOS command line application for translating and downloading Scout byte code assembly programs and commands. Can be used as a back-end for other programming systems.
Lasm.dll Assembler kernel
Scout.dll Scout specific information
PbkComm32.dll P-Brick Communication
PbkMouse.exe A utility function to resolve conflicts between serial mice and IR Towers – used by PbkComm32.dll.
ScoutDef.h Useful macros and definitions for general Scout byte code assembly programs. Most of the examples in this document assumes that the program contains a:
#include “ScoutDef.h”
directive or that the relevant #define macros are available.
“Samples” folder This folder contains a few sample programs to help show some of the various capabilities and structure of LASM.
Helloworld.txt Simple LASM command to make the Scout play a sound
RepeatAfterMe.txt Simple LASM program that plays 5 notes, one after the other
WatchYourStep.txt Not-so-simple LASM program that implements event/sensor watchers for the timer and touch sensors

The ScoutTool software requires the LEGO MINDSTORMS Infrared Transmitter and Serial Cable, along with a Win 95 or Win 98 PC with a working 9-pin serial port.


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  1. Paul

    I just want to thank you for keeping these programs up.
    I got the SDK to work and it is a helpful tool!


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